April 21, 2020

Why was this Passover Different from Other Passovers?

Deborah never imagined that she would celebrate her Seder this year with only her 54-year old husband and that her 85-year old mother would be making a Seder alone in her own home. In previous years, there were as many as 21 family members present at the Seder table. Chesky considers himself a very creative person when it comes to planning the annual Passover trips for his 6 children ranging in age from 4-18. He has put on many miles in the past taking his children to amusement parks, national parks, and even old presidential estates. This year, he took them on a hike only 5 miles from his home.

Al lamented that last year, he joined his 88-year old mother in her nursing home for the Seder. This year, he was not allowed to visit her. “I was living through a nightmare not knowing how she was.” Finally, Reuven left the second Seder twice to go an Hatzolah call to provide oxygen to a Corona stricken victim. These are the stories that will forever be etched in our minds as we look back at the Passover that was indeed different. Oh how we long for the Passovers that were not different of the day, we are all in a state of shock.