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From the Editor

From the Editor

October 20, 2021

The supply chain crisis and soaring food prices have hit the kosher community very hard. Read our exclusive report…Momentum is building towards a very successful Kosherfest despite Covid and international restrictions. Kosherfest expands to two-day admissions for trade…Best new products at Kosherfest to be announced this week…The kosher landscape is changing as more kosher independents are on the horizon…So is an early Chanukah good for business? … With Israel set to open its borders, tourists will face more kashrus confusion…In My Sixth Sense, I bemoan the closing of another iconic kosher restaurant, this time in Aventura… In her New Product Showcase, Eda Kram covers New Bistro Crisps.

Menachem Lubinsky

Kosher New Products

Sixth Sense

Kosherfest - The world's largest kosher trade show

Learn more about attending and exhibiting at Kosherfest, the world’s largest kosher industry trade show.

November 9 & 10, 2021
Meadowlands Exposition Center
Secaucus, NJ USA

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