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From the Editor

From the Editor

November 12, 2018

Kosherfest is finally here! It is a very special show as we celebrate 30 years of a show that helped transform the kosher food industry into a significant category in foods. So many thank yous to dish out. Suffice it to say that so many people at every level have played a significant role in the remarkable story of kosher foods in America and worldwide. In this special edition, we note the industry’s continued growth…There is a definite movement towards healthier foods, a trend that will be very much in evidence at Kosherfest…The tragedy at the Tree of Life in Synagogue on a Shabbat morning shook us all. We take a look at the thriving Jewish and kosher life in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh…The growing options of gluten-free and the broad acceptance of these products is great news for people suffering from Celiac disease…We take a look at some of the new kosher wines that will be on display at Kosherfest…Kashrus officials from around the globe will gather in New York the day after Kosherfest…In My Sixth Sense, I reflect on the tragedy in Pittsburgh, albeit amidst our big 30th Anniversary celebration. Watch for our expanded Kosherfest report next week.

Hope to see you all at Kosherfest!

Menachem Lubinsky
Editor-In Chief

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Sixth Sense

Forever Senseless

November 12, 2018
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