July 15, 2020

Why Kosherfest 2020 Should Not be Ripped out of the Calendar

Some people are bent on ripping out 2020 from the calendar based on the still uncertain future of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. Major events like the New York City Marathon and even Broadway have been cancelled for the balance of 2020. The nation’s major food shows like the Fancy Food Show and Expo West have also cancelled, so why should Kosherfest 2020 (November 10-11) still take place? The answer is that the kosher food industry has not stood still, thriving even during the dark days of the pandemic. While many retail stores have closed in kosher neighborhoods, some kosher stores have upgraded, and others opened during the Cova-19 lockdown. Many new exciting food and wine products were launched just in the last few weeks and were better to showcase than at Kosherfest.

So, the industry needs a show at this critical juncture of growth. In New York, there is somewhat of a breather these days even as the pandemic surges in other states. The hope is that by the Fall, the respite will take hold across the nation. Nearly 60% of the exhibitors and visitors are within driving distance of the Expo Center and even many international buyers have indicated their interest in participating. Let us pray that Kosherfest is one event that is not ripped from the 2020 calendar.