February 2, 2021

Where is Mendy’s?

A trip to Manhattan usually meant a stop at Mendy’s on 34th Street. It wasn’t just because the restaurant became an iconic kosher destination thanks to Seinfeld. No, it was an opportunity to enjoy their real “heimish” matzoh ball soup or great chicken or liver salad sandwiches. Imagine my surprise the other day when I found the 34th Street location shuttered and a note that Mendy’s was now on 30th Street and Park Avenue.

So, I made the short trek to the new Mendy’s and instantly recognized that authentic kosher deli smell. I perused the menu and still found the Larry David oversized deli sandwich. Sure, Manhattan may have undergone many changes during the Covid-19 era. Many kosher favorites were no longer there like the legendary Abigael’s but for a few moments at the relocated Mendy’s it was déjà vu and a quick lunch that brought back many memories.