March 4, 2020

We Waited and Hoped that the Corona Passover Would Not Materialize

We actually held our breath as we prepared this special Passover edition. As we were reviewing all the new Passover items, word came in of the cancellation of Passover programs, particularly in Europe. You had to feel sorry for operators and organizers who have working all year for a successful Passover season. Miracles can still happen especially in these days of Purim when we celebrate the miracle of the Jews being saved from the wicked Haman.

The potential financial losses are staggering. El Al, Israel’s national airline is already reeling and there is talk of a government bailout. Passover program operators may not be able to easily get released from their room commitments. Travelers are hoping airlines forego cancellation fees and so it goes. Yes, we are in a crisis that may be remembered as the Corona Passover. But for many of the 125,000 people who were scheduled to spend Passover at one of the many participating luxury hotels, they probably will choose to forget the 2020 debacle while they still hope for an Exodus-like miracle.