October 31, 2018

The Kosher Stories that Tell a Story

We are supposed to gasp with a big wow when we read these stories but somehow with me they are somewhat of a big yawn. Madonna is looking for a kosher chef whom she is willing to pay $142,000. Two kosher businesses were vying for investments on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and one of them left with a deal from two of the show’s tycoons. Israeli-born chef Guy Vaknin, who owns the kosher-vegan food chain Beyond Sushi, entered the Shark Tank seeking a $1.5 million investment in exchange for 25 percent of his West Coast business and five percent of his East Coast business. Walt Disney World has posted the marketplace menus for this year's Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, which runs from November 18 through December 30. And there's a new marketplace this time: L'Chaim! Holiday Kitchen. Kosher? Who said anything about kosher?

If you google kosher these days, these are some of the stories that may come up. Yet, they are far from the main stories of innovation, growth, expansion that we cover here regularly. On the one hand, it is certainly nice that kosher has generated so much interest but on the other hand, I chose to be focused on the broader industry and the incredible strides that are being made. In just two weeks that will all be on display at Kosherfest 2018, the 30th edition of a show that has helped shape an industry. Mazal Tov!