July 9, 2019

The Jewish Calendar and the Kosher Market

The best way to educate a novice about the kosher market is to use the Jewish calendar as a guide. Our entire kosher cycle throughout the year revolves around the Jewish calendar beginning with the 52 Shabbos days which you might say is like any celebrated holiday. At the moment, we are just shy of the beginning of the Three Weeks of mourning for the destruction of the temple. It also includes a period of Nine Days where the mourning customs forbid eating meat and listening to live music and so forth. The Nine Days are also a time when kosher adherents eat Dairy, hence the myriad of recipes (see www.kosher.com).

Immediately thereafter it will be preparing for the busy season of the High Holy Days and so it goes, which is why any entity that wants to be successful with kosher must have a good grasp of the Jewish calendar. Oh by the way, even the calendar must be carefully selected since some do not necessarily include the “off holidays” like Israel’s Independence Day or even the much celebrated holiday amongst kosher observers of Thanksgiving. You just might need a kosher consultant as well!