August 4, 2021

“One Kosher Tub of Ice Cream I can do Without”

The Ben & Jerry’s fiasco has many loyal customers asking “Why?” Why would a company, which is now part of the world giant company Unilever, inject politics into its image and sales? Why would the company decide that it would set foreign policy instead of doing what it is supposed to be doing, selling as much ice cream as it could? Finally, why would Ben & Jerry’s hurt the very people they are trying to help, namely the hundreds of Palestinians who work for the company in Judea and Samaria?

One wholesale distributor I frequently consult said that it’s all about personal bias because it doesn’t make any business sense. He went a step further: “Strange as it may sound, in today’s environment you try to please the ideology you believe in irrespective of the numbers.” Parent company Unilever in Israel does more than $200 million in sales but somehow it distanced itself from Ben & Jerry’s saying that the ice cream company had an independent board. My distributor friend simply answered me “Ben & Jerry’s is one kosher tub of Ice Cream I can do without!