November 11, 2019

My Sixth Sense… Kosherfest – Let’s Celebrate

Wow, 31 years and counting. You’ve heard this expression before: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s right, the show is behind the astronomical growth of kosher. Many of the leading food companies who cater to the kosher market grew up on the knees of Kosherfest. So let’s face it, improvement? Always welcome. Change, for the sake of change? There’s no success like success.

Any exhibitor that chose to skip the show this year will no doubt miss out on the excitement of this year’s show with its many new exhibitors. They may very well find that one of the 105 new exhibitors at the show has captured shelf space they normally had. The good news is that even as an exhibitor takes a hiatus they are committed to the industry and will be back. Look at the roster of exhibitors. They include many from overseas, many start-ups, many returnees and more. Now that’s a very strong industry. See you again in 2020 when 20/20 vision of supporting an industry will be welcome!