May 1, 2017

My Majestic Passover

Combining the celebration of Passover with quality family time and a vacation at a primary destination seems like the ideal way to celebrate the holiday. For my family, Orlando was the perfect destination and the Rosen Plaza Hotel the ideal venue. With its year-round glatt kosher and Mehadrin kitchen, it offered the comfort of enjoying the holiday with the highest standards of kashruth. The fare was absolutely magnificent, courtesy of the hotel’s world class chefs. The program ran flawlessly, thanks to the experienced Majestic Retreats operators Avi and Scheuer Faskowitz. Radio host Zev Brenner, like the Lubinskys, returned for his second year at the Rosen Plaza. Many of the guests he interviewed for his multi-media shows agreed that the Majestic program ranked amongst the best of Passover programs. With all of the attractions just minutes away, it was the ideal destination for a family. The roster of speakers was impressive. I shared some of the latest information and trends in my address on the kosher food industry. The quality of the food and the overall presentations left a lasting impression the guests. I was still having a hard time dealing with the fact that so many year-round foods, like pizza, tasted every bit like the real thing. One of the most impressive aspects of spending Passover at the Rosen Plaza was meeting Harris Rosen, the founder and owner of the seven Rosen Hotels in Orlando. It was at Mr. Rosen’s initiative that the state-of-the-art glatt kosher kitchen was built for year-round catering. An impressive personality, Mr. Rosen has earned the respect of Orlando for his extraordinary treatment of his more than 5,000 employees, including sponsoring his own medical center and extremely affordable medical care (yes, free prescription drugs!). Now that is the true spirit of Passover!