November 21, 2017

A Moment of Personal Reflection

It is hard to believe that it has been 29 years since I launched Kosherfest with just 69 booths and 600 visitors. Contrast that with the 400 booths and 6000 visitors of Kosherfest 2017. It was most gratifying to walk the aisles, see the magnificent exhibits and the innovative kosher foods. I remember the provincial small exhibits of 1987 (pipe and drape and table-top displays). What a dramatic difference from 29 years ago!

I recall how I envisioned a kosher world that could up its game and truly match some of the best food presentations in the world. I would tell people that kosher is a method of preparation and a validation that it follows Jewish law, not a state of mind that automatically connotes mediocrity. I am happy to say that our world today of kosher foods and wines has lived up to that vision. You might say that in most cases kosher is incidental to the innovation, creativity and quality of foods today. There are so many heroes that I met along the way who played a significant role in the kosher revolution, too many to enumerate here. Suffice it to say that they not only shared the vision but became key players in the kosher revolution. As for the show, I do not have sufficient adjectives to describe the magnificent role of my partners Diversified Communication in putting together such a magnificent professional show. Their professionalism, dedication and willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate the kosher world is nothing short of amazing.

Appropriately, kosher is now an industry that is “trending” like any other leading industry and to have Google join us at the show shows just how much has changed for kosher. Moving into the digital world is an important next step as Lubicom, Napkin and Google put down the markers at Kosherfest ’17. Congratulations!