September 24, 2019

Kosher’s Major Expansion without Much Fanfare

Cruise lines going after the kosher market. The Trump Hotel in Washington DC offering gourmet glatt kosher meals. A kosher knish manufacturers receives calls he never received before on interest for his kosher knishes. Hershey Park is expanding its kosher program with a new stand and cart. It seems that wherever you look, there is growth and breaking news in the kosher market. This is not to speak of what is happening at places like Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Sam Club and the like. What many thought would plateau by 2010 has only exploded even further. Yes I am gitty about what I see out there and I feel like the dream I had so many years ago is only now coming to fruition.

This is a kudos to the kosher shopper who has demanded quality and accommodation at every turn. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary. Nowhere has kosher shone better than in travel with good kosher food turning up in some of the most exotic places, from an African Safari to a Moroccan palatial experience. There is much to celebrate as we celebrate the advent of 5780. A happy and healthy New Year.