May 12, 2021

Kosher Dining in Miami Beach

It was a warm muggy May night in Miami Beach but still diners ate outdoors just inches from the parked cars on Harding Avenue. For those who have not noticed, Harding Avenue has emerged as one of the hubs of kosher dining in the US. In fact, no South Florida vacation would be complete nowadays without dining at such restaurants as Kosh, Harbor Grill, BackYard BBQ and Street Kitchen. On some nights, particularly during the mid-winter break, it is almost impossible to get a reservation.

But the good news is that these restaurants are not just your ordinary glatt kosher eatery. The food is superb as is the presentation. At Street Kitchen, my wife and I enjoyed a beef truffle appetizer, a main of lamb shank, a great salad and even a very heimishe chicken noodle soup. The price was decent, and the mostly younger crowd seemed to be enjoying the food and the ambience. Forget the suntan lotion, prepare yourself for some good food the next time you are down in Miami Beach.