August 6, 2019

Kayco-Manischewitz: A Marriage Made in Heaven

A senior executive in the kosher food industry once predicted that the Manischewitz brand would one day disappear. He rationalized that the market was changing in favor of many more Charedi Jews in America and that the old time Manischewitz customer would over time disappear. I didn’t like the sound of that “prophet” because to me Manischewitz represented the root of the American kosher market. Founded by Rabbi Dov Ber Manischewitz in Cincinnati in 1888, the brand slowly passed from a family businessto a corporate entity. I began to suspect that perhaps the prophet of doom was right after all. That is until last week when news came that the Herzog family (Kayco) had acquired Manischewitz, in a way saving the family brand.

The Herzog family today represents the epicenter of the kosher community and who better to “save” Manischewitz than our friends at Kedem who are family owned. As the Kayco-Manischewitz alliance takes hold, let us hope that the business has the family legacy and imprint for many years to come.