July 28, 2020

Is Passover 2021 in Jeopardy? Some Experts Think So

Speaking to an operator of a Passover program that could not open this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he chose to focus his concern on Passover 2021 which in my mind at the moment seemed safe. Here’s how he put it: “It will take awhile for people to feel comfortable again to spend a holiday in a hotel or even to travel on an airplane. I believe that even with a vaccination, hotels will not be on top of the list of the return to normalcy.” You can imagine my surprise that here we were in July 2020 and this operator was already dismissing Passover 2021. But the more he spoke the more I became convinced that he may have a point.

He felt that some people got comfortable with making Passover at home and that there will not be enough time “to build that safety zone when people will want to freely give deposits for a Passover vacation.” Shockingly but amazingly realistic. So, I went out on the limb and asked: “how about the Sukkot holiday in late 2021?” “Now you are at the heart of the whole Covid-19 pandemic – no one knows and for me it’s the uncertainty that is killing my business!” Wow!