September 16, 2020

How Social Media Saved Kosher Marketing During Covid

There is no question that advertising was slashed by as much as half by kosher purveyors during the long months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most kosher food advertising nowadays is in the form of colorful glossy ads in Jewish periodicals. There was one bright spot, however, in the form of social media. With people languishing at home, more food companies turned to platforms like Instagram to keep up with food trends. Kosher purveyors outsourced much of their social media for constant content, which certainly kept Lubicom busy. Also popular were sites like, with its magazine approach to kosher food news, trends, and recipes.

Social media and kosher are now inseparable. It is the platform for showing customers how to use products. It is the source for instant recipes on the eve of a Shabbos or holiday. There is constant brand reinforcement and it has become a great place to simply move product off the shelf. Remember my simple definition of marketing: “Getting it on the shelf and getting it off the shelf.”