December 15, 2020

From the Editor

A nervous kosher community utters a huge sigh of relief when Chanukah turns out to be a robust and inspiring season. What a miracle!...We learned that those tasty chocolate Chanukah coins may be valuable stocking stuffers…Wow, the virtual farm produce is actually better tasting…A New Jersey bakery is counting the days to its next appearance at Kosherfest…Umbrella kashrus agency AKO plans many new initiatives…New dilemma for Israeli tourists, UAE or Morocco…Kosher Whiskey – a growing phenomenon…A year later a targeted kosher supermarket still receives much support…in My Sixth Sense, I hope for a miracle “return to normalcy”…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new yogurt cups.

Happy holidays to all!

Menachem Lubinsky