October 19, 2020

From the Editor

There is a date for the next Kosherfest, Covid permitting: November 9-10,2021…There is a pulse for Passover 2021, Experts Point to Sukkot…With Poland Closing up, Israel Looking for New Kosher Slaughter Sources…Kosher Industry on a Holiday Advertising Blitz…Kosher Restaurants Back to Takeout Only in New York Red Zones…A Vertical Farm in Rockland Winterizes at Kosher Supermarket…Eda Kram covers story of long-time Kosherfest exhibitor who would have introduced new product line at Kosherfest and has New Whole Grain Pretzels from One Mighty Mill in her New Product Showcase…In My Sixth Sense, I share my experience with the Kosherfest Blues.

Menachem Lubinsky