April 15, 2019

From the Editor

We continue with our special pre-Passover coverage with the lead story being about the surging Matzoh sales…In Orlando, a Chabad rabbi is preparing for as many as 35,000 guests…How is Grandma’s Seder menu changing? We’ve got the story…This year’s late April Passover also meant late shopping…The cRc was chosen for a TV series…Israel is facing a severe butter shortage just before Passover…We mourn the passing of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Landau, the iconic chief rabbi of Bnei Brak and Margit Kirsch, founder of Hungarian Kosher Foods…In My Sixth Sense, I share a rather “world class” kosher dining experience…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers Savory Diced Onions by Pereg.

We wish all our readers and friends a very happy and healthy Passover. Our next issue will be on Tuesday May 6th

Menachem Lubinsky