March 21, 2018

From the Editor

The buzz amongst retailers these days is that they are expecting a record sales season this Passover. We talked to many retailers and have the inside scoop…The old time Passover “set” was supposed to have passed into the twilight but according to retailers is very much alive and in many cases passing on to subsequent generations… Is a Cream Cheese war in the offing? Very possible as Norman’s introduces $1.99 Cream Cheese, in time for Passover … Hand shmurah matzoh continues its upward climb both in the number of people buying the product and the price…Why do some supermarket chains pay more attention to Passover than others? We have the exclusive story of how the chains stacked up this Passover…Are many on-line kosher grocers becoming kosher? Well, Amazon by latest count has 13,000 kosher certified products and possibly many more. In My Sixth Sense, I look at how America in general celebrates Passover…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new baking mixes and flour.

This will be our last issue before Passover unless there is Breaking News. We wish all our readers a happy and healthy Passover.

Menachem Lubinsky