April 6, 2022

Rabbis Gather on Post Covid Issues Worldwide

Budapest…Over 100 rabbis met for a kashrus conference, the first major conference in Europe since the onset of the pandemic. Under the aegis of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE), the three-day conference (March 22-25) met on a host of topics of concern to rabbis throughout Europe. Some of the issues that were discussed included the purchase of wine barrels, the koshering process in restaurants and hotels, production of wine, kosher liquor, technological monitoring of the production process, and the technological revolution in kosher slaughter (shechita).

In the US, the Association of Kashrus Organizations was planning to hold its convention on Sunday May 8th  -Tuesday, May 10th  at the Delta - Marriott in Woodbridge, NJ. Preparations for the convention are in full swing with a robust program of practical presentations and Q&A sessions together with a wide array of distinguished kashrus authorities. This year’s convention will be dedicated in memory of two legendary kashrus authorities, Rabbi Zecharia Senter of the Kof-K and Rabbi Don Joel Levy of the OK Kosher Certification. AKO is planning a Siyum Hashas as well as the completion of the writing of a Sefer Torah in their memory.