November 15, 2022

Plant-based 7th Heaven Chocolate Snacks Wins Best in Show

Secaucus NJ…BY Eda Kram…The annual Kosherfest New Product Competition this year crowned 7th Heaven as the “best product in the show” with its new Panda Vegan Products. It put a spotlight on the increasing number of plant-based products that are going kosher. This year’s New Product Competition was coordinated by Long-Island based Apron Masters Kitchen, a family-oriented cooking school located in Woodmere, NY. Owners Roee Mordechai and Sharona Furman said they were thrilled to be coordinating this major event for the kosher food industry.  “We had a great time being a part of the new product competition as well as at our booth at Kosherfest,” wrote Ronee Mordechai of Apron Masters. He was joined by a prestigious group of judges. In addition to 7th Heaven, other winners were Anderson International Foods for their Fresh Mozzarella Thin-Sliced, DS TaymanWines for their Single Malt Scotch - Tulip Edition (certified by KLBD), Other category winners were


Beverages, Non-Alcoholic - La Carreta Sweet Baby Pineapple Juice - Bag in Box,  PS Kosher Food Works, PTP Produce, LLC

Bread & Baked Goods - Different Brioche breads - By Mesada International Trading

Condiments, Spices, Oils, Dry Goods - Balsamic Glaze & White Balsamic Glaze -  De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards

Frozen Desserts – Churros - Elegant Desserts NY

Frozen Entrees & Meal Components (Pizza, TV Dinners, etc.) - Boneless Buffalo Style Chicken wings - Alle Processing Corp / MealMart

Health & Wellness - Lactation Cookies - Mommy's Cookie Jar

Jams, Preserves, Dips, Spreads - Infused Creamed Honey Line- Sunny Honey Miami

Packaged Meats - Kashered Chicken Liver- David Elliot Poultry Farm

Sauces, Marinades, Dressings - California Delight Balsamic Vinegar - DS International Traders

Savory Snacks, Chips, Crackers - Dry Roasted Buffalo Wing Seasoned Pistachio Kernels - Setton Farms- Setton International Foods

Sweet Treats, Cookies - Assorted Cookies - Deutsch Prime Gluten Free Bakery