September 15, 2014

Two New Kosher Nutrition Bars From Mediterra

Mediterra introduced the first all natural nutrition bars inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. The two new unique flavors that are kosher certified are the Savory Bars and Yogurt and Oat Bars. The bars feature various fruits, vegetables and grains. All bars are all-natural, non-GMO and Gluten-Free. The bars provide ancient nutrition in a modern and convenient way.

Savory Bars flavors include Tomato/Basil/Capers and Olive/Walnut/Chives. The Savory bar is kosher certified under the Orthodox Union (OU). Yogurt and Oat Bars flavors include Yogurt/Oat/Cherry Pistachio and Yogurt/Oat/Apricot Pistachio. Bottom covered with yogurt-style coating, the bars are 1.6 ounces, certified kosher under Montreal Kosher (MK) and contain seven grams of protein.

Headquartered in New York City, Mediterra® is the first company to offer ready-to-eat nutrition bars inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. It's on-the-go fuel that's perfectly suited for the marathon of contemporary life. For more information, please visit