June 29, 2009

Travel Experts Expect More Domestic Travel this Summer

New York…With gas prices rising and the recession continuing more kosher travelers will be traveling domestically. In a survey of several travel agents, the consensus was that there would be a drop in overseas travel including on popular kosher cruises. Price Choppers in Colonie, NY, just outside of Albany, has placed its annual advertising for travelers heading to Montreal and upstate New York destinations. Retailers in the Catskills region expect a “normal” summer which traditionally brings some 300,000 Jews to the resort area. This year, the travelers will be faced by travel delays due to highway construction. Vendors were expecting a better reception at the Wal-Mart in Monticello this summer after numerous complaints last year. In the past the superstore reported some $2.5 million in kosher food sales over the 10-week season. Pomegranate, a leading Brooklyn kosher gourmet supermarket, is offering shoppers headed upstate a special insulated box with every purchase of $100 or more. It is also delivering twice a week to Deal NJ, a summer haven for the Sephardic community. In Vancouver, the local Chabad is opening a kosher catering service to serve thousands of Jewish tourists traveling through Vancouver during the summer. "There is a need for gourmet kosher food at affordable prices," Rabbi Schneur Wineberg told lubavitch.com. Strictly kosher under the Rabbinical Supervision of Rabbi Yitzchok Wineberg executive director of Chabad Lubavitch of British Columbia, the gourmet kosher dinners will be prepared on-site at the Chabad-Lubavitch Centre in Vancouver, and will be available for take-out or delivery. The catering service will also offer frozen prepared dairy meals, fresh deli sandwiches, and a full Shabbat take-out menu. Special kosher programs are also being offered in Banff, courtesy of Michael Schick Catering. Despite the recession, the consensus is that there will be great deal of travel this season, but not as much to overseas destinations, including Israel.