June 22, 2021

Surge in Post-Covid International Kosher Travel Expected

London…“The floodgates of kosher travel appear to be opening, just in time for the summer and the Jewish holidays,” says Raphi Bloom of www.TotallyJewishTravel.Com. One measure that he uses to gauge interest is advertising on his site, which he says has been steadily increasing.  “People are flying again and there is already a surge for this summer,” he said. Many kosher travelers are heading to Europe this summer, including Americans who have pretty much refrained from international travel, that is until now, Mr. Bloom says. Many kosher Israeli travelers are taking to the skies once again, preferring such close affordable destinations as Greece and Cyprus. The Israel hotel industry expects to be open for business during the upcoming lucrative Succoth holiday. According to Bloom, Morocco and Cancun also appear on the travel radar for kosher travelers. Morocco alone will have 2 or 3 hotels open for Succoth. Dubai is another destination that may be very popular for Succoth. What surprised Mr. Bloom the most? “The apparent return of the Passover programs for 2022!”