July 7, 2021

Summer no Time to Relax Kosher Standards, CRC Says

Brooklyn, NY…Rabbis of the Central Rabbinical Congress (CRC) expressed concern that some kosher observing customers might not be as vigilant on kosher standards during their summer vacations as they are all year. The CRC, for example, released a list of establishments in the Catskill Mountains that it had checked out and verified that they are up to standard, Rabbi Hershel Hartstein, Rabbinical Coordinator of the CRC, told Kosher Today. “The lack of habit and familiarity are a factor in the summer environment,” he said, but to the CRC maintaining the highest kashrus standards is our central mission.” Based in Williamsburg, the CRC certifies as many as 300 retail and wholesale establishments in the US and Canada. It was founded in 1953 by such Chasidic luminaries as Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum of Satmar and has a large following of Chasidic Jews who are loyal consumers of products with the CRC emblem. The CRC is known for its careful koshering process when they do a special run for kosher products.