July 13, 2009

Stella DÕoro, the Company that Blinked Shuts Down Altogether

New York…Brynwood Partners, the owners of Stella D'oro pastries, announced that it is closing the company's only factory. While some of the brand's products will continue to be produced in other facilities, the loss of Stella D'oro's Bronx bakery leaves the brand with an uncertain future. Stella D’oro will be best remembered by kosher consumers for reversing a decision to go dairy when kosher consumers protested the company’s decision. The Stella D’oro reversal is being used by many in the industry as an example of the extraordinary clout of a growing cadre of kosher consumers, especially since the company was at that time owned by Kraft which had acquired Nabisco and its Stella D’oro brand. Although Stella D'oro's cookies were based on the Italian pastries, the brand was quickly adopted by many Jews, including large numbers of kosher consumers. A particular favorite was the company's Swiss Fudge cookies, which many Jewish consumers dubbed "shtreimels," after the round fur hats that are traditionally worn on the Sabbath. The Bronx location will stay open until October, as Brynwood prepares to move all production to other facilities.