March 16, 2009

Shmura Matzoh Prices Rise Ever So Slowly

Brooklyn…KosherToday Feature Editor…Prices for the coveted Shmura (flour watched from planting) Matzohs rose only nominally despite the economy and the steep increases in commodity prices. Most of the bakeries reached by KosherToday said that they were cognizant of the hardship consumers faced in the continuing recession. The cheapest box of shmura matzo can be found at D & T Shmura Bakery in Crown Heights for $18.50/lb, a $0.75 increase per pound over 2008 prices. At Boro Park Matzoh Bakery, a pound went for $19.50, also increased by $0.75. Chareidim Shmura Matzoh Bakery in Boro Park and Kehilath Yakov Matzo Bakery in Williamsburg both offer their product for $21 a pound. This is only $0.50 more than Chareidim charged last year, and $1 more for Kehilath Yakov. Williamsburg’s Satmar Shmura Hand-Matzoh Bakery sells its standard shmura matzo for $20 a pound, but also has a “heimieshe mayleh” variety that goes for $23. In New Jersey, the Lakewood Shmura Matzoh Bakery offers matzo made both before and after Purim, for $18 and $20, respectively. Their gluten free oat matzo is pricier, selling for $23 for a half pound. Standard Gefen and Rokeach handmade round shmura matzos are also both available online for $19.99 a pound.