January 5, 2009

Shibolim’s new line of whole-grain products

Shibolim has launched a new line of all natural whole-grain products that appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, from the health conscious mother who wants only the best for her family to the older adult who is watching his cholesterol. Gourmet CrispBreads comes in three varieties: rye, organic spelt and whole wheat and the Gourmet CrispCrackers come in whole wheat and whole spelt. New on the market are the whole wheat and whole spelt CrispSnax in three delicious flavors: sesame salt, onion, and garlic. Shibolim’s spelt products are ideal for those who are allergic to wheat, people watching their weight, diabetics, and savvy health-conscious consumers. The products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). For more information, visit: www.shibolim.com.