March 6, 2017

Products for Kids Lead Pack of Nearly 300 New Items for Passover 2017

New York - An estimated 300 new items will be on grocery shelves this Passover but one category that stands out is kids products, the annual survey by Kosher Today shows. Kosher manufacturers and distributors place a great deal of emphasis on launching new products for a holiday that is believed to be 35% - 40% of annual kosher food sales. Although there are many more items than are listed here, Kosher Today has captured some of the trends for the upcoming holiday (eve of April 10 – April 18). The review includes the following: Three new items from its new “Kids Edition” is being released by Manischewitz. S’mores for Four is the Manischewitz S’more Matzo Kit, a crafty food kit that comes complete with four servings of Manischewitz Mini Matzos, chocolate and marshmallows. The second item is their Matzo Pizza Kit which features novelty packaging in a box that mirrors the classic slice and includes eight triangle-shaped matzos and eight individual pizza sauce packets. The third is “My” Mini Matzos, which features a personalized on-pack coloring activity that doubles as a place card for Seder or any meal, and contains eight three-by-three-inch mini matzos. Paskesz is introducing Mini Bits Confetti Cookies, (5.5oz box), Mini Bits Striped Delite Cookies (5.5 oz box),  5 individually wrapped milk chocolate crunch bars in a box, and Goyos, small bags (1.76 oz) of milk chocolate puffs. Trying to figure out what kind of salad or side dishes to prepare on Passover? Here are some great options and selections of frozen foods, oils and condiments that can enhance a Passover meal. Gefen (Kayco Distributed) introduces Haddar Gluten Free Panko in three varieties; original, onion garlic and barbeque. Benz’s Gourmet introduces Zayit extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed- available in 34 oz and 17 oz. Batyam Cottonseed Oil, 96 oz.  Benz's Gourmet horseradish (available in sweet and sharp) and Benz's Kishka. Pereg Gourmet has introduced Baby Quinoa, otherwise known as kañiwa, a reddish-brown, smaller version of red quinoa that has a sweeter taste than the traditional version of the ancient supergrain. Quinoa is also available in white- zipper bag (2lb), Quinoa Flakes - plain in zipper bag, Kaniwa - plain in zipper bag, Quinoa with Mushrooms canister and Quinoa With Vegetables  in a canister. In the fish category there are some new fish options by Benz's Gourmet; Benz’s “Bubby’s Rolls” Mehudar Gefilte Fish Rolls (no oil, no pepper, no potato starch) which is also available in sugar- free.  Benz’s Gourmet Nova, available in 3 oz, 6 oz, 12 oz, and 3 lb trays.  Other Benz's Gourmet products include Nova, Pastrami style and Gravad Style (3 oz.), sliced smoked sable (3 oz.),  Tuna, Herrings, Pickled, Pickled Cream, Dijon, Salmon Schmaltz, Matjes oil, Schmaltz and  Salmon Rolls. In the meat category, new from Hod Golan is Ultra-Thin Sliced Turkey in the following flavors; Honey Glazed Turkey Breast, Mexican Brand Smoked Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted. They also have Grilled Turkey Breast and Smoked Turkey Breast. Abeles & Heymann offers a complete line hot dogs as well as deli meats. The uncured Premium Beef Franks have with no artificial nitrates & nitrites, per package. They are available in 12 oz packages with 7 hot dogs in a package and 12 packages in a box. The following franks are available; Abeles & Heymann Uncured Premium Beef Franks with reduced fat and & sodium in regular and mini – Regular is same information as above, and cocktail size and come in a 10 oz package with about 30 mini-hot dogs, and 12 packages per box. Abeles & Heymann No Nitrate Reduced Fat & Sodium Beef Knockwurst. They are available in 12 oz package with 4 knockwurst per package, and 12 packages in a box. Also in the product line A&H has: Beef Chipotle Franks, Mini Cocktail Franks, Knockwurst and a Complete line of Salami and Cured Meats and Sliced Deli. In the pasta, bakery and baking category, there are several products distributed by Kayco.  Gefen gluten free frozen pie shells (available in 9 inch (2 per package) and 3 inch mini's (12 per package) for quiches, pecan pies, cheese cakes etc. Gefen is also introducing frozen gnocchi, Fusilli (heat and serve) and coconut chips. Haddar Chocolate Drizzled coconut bars with cocoa nibs (4 per pack) and Chocolate Drizzled coconut bars with cranberries (4 per pack). Haddar also introduces Crostini 'Toasts' in 3 varieties; classic, zesty onion and garlic and barbeque. In the Matzo and Cracker category, Yehuda (Kayco Distributed) introduces gluten free matzah in two new varieties egg matzah and seasoned. Haddar also introduces Crostini 'Toasts', a gluten- free crisp cracker like Melba Toast in 3 varieties; classic, zesty onion and garlic and barbeque. In addition to foods, many new novelty items will be on sale in time for the holiday. Davida Aprons/Kosher Kurls introduces 100% Cotton Matza Lounge Pants, "Matz Up?" Over-sized T, and Matzah Cap.  Rite Lite has some great new products for kids: Rubber Finger Puppets, each detailed finger puppet represents one plague, making it fun for kids imaginations to express their Passover creativity both during the Seder and all Passover long.  “Who Am I?” and Seder Slides Game; avoid the plagues & pitfalls, and climb the ladders of Passover preparation and make it to the Finish line first!  Pass-o-Four The number 4 is special to the Passover holiday in many ways. Here is a fun way that it is special - by getting 4 Passover medallions in a row! Vertical, horizontal or on an angle, use your skills to win this game of Pass-O-Four! Rite Lite has other items for adults: "Passover Potpourri" Drying Mat, 15" x 19", "Stained Glass" Seder Plate, Square, 13", Glass Charoset set, bowl and spoon, 3", gift box, Jerusalem Melamine seder plate, 12”, Passover "Potpourri" apron, 21" X 28".