May 4, 2009

Poultry and Salad Demand Soars in Israel

Jerusalem…KosherToday Middle East Bureau Chief…Israelis are eating healthier these days which explains the news that major poultry and salad producers are expanding. Miluoff poultry processors, the largest in Israel, is investing $10 million to increase yearly output to 55,000 tons. Miluoff is a main poultry supplier to major supermarket chains such as Supersol, Co-op Israel and others. The company expects the new facility to be operational within a year and will employ dozens of new workers. Miluoff carries the certification of the USDA veterinary service and is part of the Miluot Food Group. Meanwhile, Mashani Salads is also expanding. The family business is investing $4 million in a new factory in Beit Shemesh which will employ 100 new workers. Mashani’s wide range of salads from hummus and techina to various eggplant and other ethnic salads is distributed both locally and internationally, mainly to such European countries as France, Germany, Holland and Belgium. The factory has the ISO 9001 production certificate and is under the kosher supervision of Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva and the Rishon Lezion Rabbinate.