August 6, 2019

Norman's Dairy Introduces New Pixie Pops

Rutherford, NJ – The nation’s pioneer in Cholov Yisroel yogurt has done it again! Looking for a healthy snacks for yourself and your kids? Pixie Pops are a great snack idea for kids during the Summer months and throughout the year as a school snack. You can enjoy them frozen or right out of the fridge. Pixie Pop's come in low-fat strawberry and low-fat vanilla yogurt flavors. No artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup. They contain live and active cultures. Each box contains eight (2 ounce) tubes of delicious Norman's yogurt. Committed to providing the highest quality products, Norman’s is the only Cholov Yisroel brand that has its very own facility fostering great innovation, and allowing for careful quality control and high kashrus standards. Their other yogurt products include – Wholesome, Low-Fat, 80 Lite, and Poppers in an extensive range of delectable flavors. Norman's Greek yogurt lines include Greek Original, Light, Creamy Blends, Kids, and Pro+ and are available in all kosher supermarkets around the country. For further details about Norman’s products, check out -