September 20, 2010

New Sugar-Free Margarita Makes Waves

Kosher consumers and anyone interested in healthier alternatives to sugary and corn syrup-filled alcoholic beverages can now sample Steve’s Sugarfree Margarita, a Ready-To-Drink (RTD) margarita which contains only 12% alcohol so it can sell in establishments with only a beer and wine license. It is certified kosher by the OK. Most RTD cocktails are very sugary, and people’s increasing concern about health and nutrition means they’re looking for alternative beverages that deliver the same flavor but with fewer additives and preservatives. Sweetened with sucralose and erythritol, this new sugar free margarita in Steve’s line of RTD cocktails is a breakthrough for cocktail consumers, especially those who keep kosher. For more information, see or call 305) 652-2540