June 26, 2017

New Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Strips from Mom’s Chicken

Mom’s Chicken, Israel’s most beloved and well-known brand amongst consumers announced the debut of Gluten-Free Coated Chicken Breast Strips in the US market. These succulent strips are made from 100% premium chicken breasts, with zero trans-fat and no artificial colors. “Mom’s Coated Chicken Strips are made only with premium ingredients, underscoring the fact that Gluten-Free no longer means devoid of taste. How do we know? Because discerning mothers and kids in Israel have made it the top selling brand in its category in Israel,” said Yoram Behiri, President and CEO of Tnuva USA.  Mom’s Chicken Gluten Free Coated Chicken Breast Strips are Glatt Kosher and are under the strict supervision of the OU (Orthodox Union). For more information visit: www.tnuvausa.com