September 19, 2011

New Food line from Pereg Gourmet

Pereg Gourmet Natural Food’s new Quinoa-Rice-Couscous line offers a variety of savory and wholesome choices that complement any holiday meal.  With selections of Premium Basmati Rice, Quinoa the Super-Grain, traditional Couscous as well as Toasted Pearl Pasta (also known as Israeli Couscous), Pereg has blended together 13 wholesome and flavorful dishes that can be used as main courses or sides. The chefs at Pereg took each staple grain and combined it with hearty Italian flavors, the rich and earthy taste of mushrooms, the mysterious aromatic zest of lemon and herbs or a vitamin and mineral packed vegetable medley, and created gourmet meals that will awe your friends and relatives.  There are also tasteful twists like Israeli Couscous with Pumpkin Seeds and Currants.  With this dish, Pereg united colorful sweet red bell pepper and the aromatically pungent garlic with tart currants and subtly sweet pumpkin seeds, resulting in a uniquely scrumptious dish.  Or, by mixing currants with the tangy–tart cranberries, adding crunchy toasted onions together with mellow toasted almonds, and then folding the mixture in with traditional Couscous, Pereg’s Couscous with Pumpkin Seeds is a special culinary treat.  For more information visit:  

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