March 2, 2009

New Eden Organic Red Quinoa

Eden Foods has added a high altitude family farm Organic Red Quinoa to its current variety of eleven whole grains. Eden Organic Red Quinoa Chenopodium quinoa is the rare heirloom pasankalla variety. It is organically grown on Bolivia’s Andean Plateau at over 12,000 feet. The Uyuni Salt Flats region has an arid climate and rich soil yielding larger quinoa grains. This delicately flavored red quinoa is sweeter than the white quinoa. Thousands of years ago, the Inca called quinoa the ‘Mother Grain’. It was a staple food and cultural centerpiece providing lysine and threonine amino acids that are scarce in other cereals. Quinoa has the most complete amino acid profile of grains and is known as the ‘rice of the new millennium’. Quinoa is completely gluten-free. Red quinoa is packaged at Eden’s headquarters in Clinton, Michigan. AIB All Eden whole grains are kosher pareve certified under the OK Kosher Certification. Quinoa can be freshly ground into flour using a blender, making it an easy and versatile addition to baked goods. Visit for further information and recipes.