May 3, 2018

New Cream Cheese from Norman's

(Rutherford, NJ)Norman’s highly touted new Cream Cheese goes beyond the morning bagel shmear and, says the company, is “best in recipes.” Its original cream cheese is made with real ingredients, including fresh milk and real cream, making it an ideal creamy treat. The news will be particularly welcome to the thousands of homemakers who use the creamy cheese to make cheese cakes for Shavuos. Norman’s introductory $1.99 retail price will make Norman’s attractive to any homemaker preparing for the Yom Tov.  Norman’s, already a favorite at breakfast time because of its diverse yogurt line, is giving its fans another reason to love breakfast: its high quality cream cheese. “It’s an exciting time in our history as we’re giving our customers a quality new cream cheeses for a bagel or for a recipe in a dairy cookbook,” said a  Norman’s spokesman. A major reason for the success of Norman's is the unprecedented range of options the company has because it owns its own exclusive cholov Yisroel plant with the customer being the clear beneficiary. To encourage consumers to think about the never-ending combinations using Norman’s Cream Cheese spread, the brand is launching the #NormansFlavors contest. Running now through Shavuot , Norman’s encourages fans to share a photo of their most creative recipe ideas featuring Norman’s Cream Cheese, using #NormansFlavors on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win big. Found in the refrigerated section, the new cream cheese is available at a suggested retail price of just $1.99 for each 8-ounce container.  For more information visit: