March 21, 2016

Many Changes Come to Kosher Liquor, cRc Says

Chicago - In a period of just 10 months, there have been many changes to the kosher status of liquor, according to the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc), headed by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane. In a recently published list, the cRc noted newly certified liquors, newly recommended but not certified, and newly non-recommended liquors. According to the list, some are kosher and do not require a symbol. In the category of newly certified were such brands as Aviv-613 Vodka, Bombay Gin-Star of Bombay, Nahmias et Fils – Mahia and Tomintoul Scotch. Newly recommended but not certified included Glen Scotia Scotch-15 year old, Glenfiddich Scotch – Rich Oak, and the Glenlivet Scotch – Nadurra First Fuill Selection. Finally in newly non recommended liquors are Napa Vodka, The Glen Livet Scotch – 18 Year Old and the Master Distiller’s Reserve. In all, 18 brands were newly certified, 19 newly recommended and not certified, and 35 newly non-recommended. Many kashrus agencies post lists of acceptable liquors periodically on their Websites.