March 7, 2016

Manischewitz® Partners with Welch’s® To Bring Welch’s Manischewitz Sparkling Grape Juice

Newark, NJ - Manischewitz®, is proud to announce a special partnership with Welch’s®, Grape Juice Brand. Manischewitz and Welch’s have teamed up to offer consumers delicious non-alcoholic, Sparkling Grape Juice in a 25.4oz bottle that has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and is sulfite free. “With Welch’s expertise in Grape Juice combined with Manischewitz leadership in Kosher, we are thrilled to offer consumers a quality product from two well respected brands.” says David Sugarman President and CEO of The Manischewitz Company. “This product gives us the chance to bring a nutritious alternative to consumers who have only had one option for Grape Juice that’s Kosher for Passover,” says Ike Kim, Senior Brand Manager for Welch’s. “We’re excited to bring consumers our expertise in delivering a unique and delicious Concord Grape taste.” For more information visit: