February 20, 2018

At Least 500 New Items for Passover as Number of Products Soars to 55,000

New York…by Eda Kram, New Products Showcase Editor…With Passover now less than 6 weeks away (begins on eve of March 30th), retailers are gearing up for their most intense time of the year. A record near 55,000 products will be available this year for Passover, with at least 500 new items on many grocery shelves. In the Kosher Today annual new products for Passover review, there were many new items for kids, particularly in sweets and breakfast foods. The following are some of the new products that were received by Kosher Today in time for publication in this issue (capitalizations were left in accordance to how they were submitted by the companies):

Shufra Chocolate Truffles – hazelnut, mint, cherry, raspberry; Haddar Chocolate Nut Clusters-cashew, pecan, almond, Haddar Chocolate Covered treats – orange peels, marzipan, mint cream, and cherries; Sea Castle Seaweed Snacks (spice & sea salt flavors); Glicks Mini Cookie Bites (gluten-free) – chocolate and vanilla; Gefen, Geneve Swiss Chocolate – 8 milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate varieties, Crispy O’s Cereal (Gluten Free); Absolutely Gluten Free, Raw Coconut chews- chocolate & cocoa nibs, and cranberry chocolate; Shefa, Fruite Twiggs; Elite, Sugar-Free Hard Candies – caramel, mint, lemon, Chocolate Tortit Brownie Cake (Gluten Free), Chocolate Bars; Shefa Animal Gummies; Telma Kariot Cereal. All of the above are distributed by Kayco (Bayonne NJ)

In addition to cereal other breakfast items for Passover include Tuscanini Cheeses - aged mozzarella, smoked provolone, caciota with herbs, aged caciota with truffles; Haddar 100% pasteurized Egg whites; B’gan, Topping and Creamer; Chosen Bean Cold Brew Coffee. For  salads or side dishes Gefen Dried cranberries, Spice Grinders – peppercorn blend, whole peppercorn, minced garlic, sea salt; Haddar Salad Dressings – 13 regular and lite varieties including coleslaw, balsamic, ranch. B’gan Passover French Fries – Shoestring and Straight Cut; Batyam cottonseed oil; Zayit extra virgin olive oil.

Kayco’s Heaven & Earth brand including all-natural White Asparagus Spears, fully cooked and ready to eat, Riced Cauliflower, low-carb, gluten-free; Beetology Vacuum Packed Beets; Tuscanini Preserves – strawberry, raspberry, white fig, forest fruits, apricot; Glick’s BBQ and Hot Sauces; Tonelli Apple Cider Vinegar; Pereg Gourmet in Zahtar; Landau Natural Food “Passover salad croutons”, original and with onions (gluten-free); Tishbi Preserves (Quality Distributors) Fig/Cabernet, Apricot/Riesling, and Cherry/Shiraz.

In the Meat and Fish category, KJ Poultry Sliced Gourmet Smoked Turkey Breast, Chicken Franks, Sliced Turkey Roll, Sliced Smoked flavor Turkey Breast, Sliced Turkey Pastrami, Sliced chicken Roll, Sliced Chicken Salami, Sliced Chicken Pastrami (With Rub), Sliced Mexican Turkey Breast; Abeles & Heymann (A&H) Uncured Ultra-Thin Grilled Turkey Breast, Uncured Ultra-Thin Smoked Turkey Breast, Uncured Ultra-Thin Honey Glazed Turkey Breast, Uncured Ultra-Thin Picante Turkey Breast, Old Fashioned Turkey Breast and Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. Tirat Tzvi Natural Turkey Breast; Aufschnitt Jerky (Quality First Distributors) beef jerky spice ingredients; Sea Castle Sardines; Benz’s Gourmet Salmon Gefilte Fish Roll, sliced sable, Chunk Light Tuna in 5 oz cans, Bubbies gefilte fish rolls (no sugar, no oil, no pepper, no potato starch), Herrings -  pickled, pickled cream, matjes scallion, matjes jalapeno. Manischewitz introduces its first frozen gefilte fish that is pre-sliced and cooks in just 15 minutes. You can use what you want and save the rest for later. The new sliced version is gluten free and kosher for Passover as well as year-round.

In the pasta, bakery and baking category; Gefen GF gnocchi and fusilli, GF Lasagna, Chow Mein Noodles (Gluten free), coconut chips-original and chocolate, Fruit Pie Filling – apple and cherry.

B’gan (Bertram Foods) Gluten-free Pizza Crusts (Frozen, ready to bake), Homestyle Pancakes, Margarine. In the Matzoh and Cracker category, Kayco PankoStyle Matzo Meal from Yehuda; original, onion, BBQ of gluten-free Panko from Haddar. Gefen gluten-free pastas – gnocchi, fusilli, and lasagna, GAL GAL GF everything crackers; Yehuda zero-fat, 50 calorie Watza Crackers and gluten-free Cinnamon Matzo Squares; Pereg Gourmet Plain Matzo Crumbs. In addition to foods, many new novelty items will be on sale in time for the holiday. Davida Aprons  Matzah Lounge pants, Matzah cap and Matzah tee shirt; Rite Lite Ltd, " Let My People Go, Passover Game, "Pesach" Crumb Sweeper, stainless steel, 8", printed disposable seder plate, w/liners, 11", mosaic, embroidered Afikomen Bag, "grapes", 10"x12", printed Afikomen Bag, "Splitting the Sea", 10"x 12", matzah cover, square, "Splitting the Sea", matte satin, 13", " The Ten Plagues" headbands, set of 10, gift box, Passover " Squoosh Frog" TM, 5", Passover "Mah Nishtana" Puppets, vinyl, 8 pcs, color box, " Passover" Adult crew sock, "Lotza Matzah", carded, "Passover" crew socks, kids.