March 4, 2020


Line Extension, More Snacking to Mark Passover Sets at Supermarkets

New York…by Eda Kram, KT New Product Editor…There are many surprises in the hundreds of new items that will appear on supermarket shelves for the first time this Passover (eve of April 9th). Most of these products will appear on shelves of kosher independent supermarkets. The following are some of the items that were received from the kosher manufacturers and distributors.

Snacks - Kayco - Absolutely Gluten Free, original stacked potato chips, bbq stacked potato chips, onion & garlic stacked potato chips, original mini stacked potato chips, bbq mini stacked potato chips, and onion & garlic mini stacked potato chips, Gefen - honey almond chewy granola clusters and maple pecan chewy granola clusters, Heaven & Earth - veggie sticks mix; Tuscanini, classic potato chips snack bag and rippled potato chips snack bag, Manischewitz- gluten free chocolate wafers, gluten free vanilla wafers, gluten free milk chocolate coated wafers,gluten free double chocolate coated wafers, beet chips, sweet potato chips, earl grey cold brew macaroons, coffee cold brew macaroons Freedom Bar-apple cinnamon 15ct, chocolate cocoa 15ct and chocolate coconut 15ct. Paskesz - Gummi Magic sour bears, all natural color and real fruit juices.

Manischewitz- gluten free pizza and Noway's, No Way Its Gluten Free Rolls.

Baking Gefen -almond flour, ground walnuts, ground filberts ground almonds, real baking chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow non pariel, chocolate chips mini 8oz, (all snack or baking). Haddar- sweetened coconut flakes, and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Cheese - The Cheese Guy - Havarti with Dill, Smoked Provolone (semi hard cheese), and Danish Blue Cheese., Danish Blue is a sharp, salty and creamy, blue-veined cheese.

Salads, Sides and Soup Ingredients - Gefen - hearts of palm shredded, vacuum packed organic beets -Heaven & Earth– croutons medley mix veggie toppers and beet sticks veggie toppers. Tuscanini extra light olive oil in 1, 2, or 3lt. Tuscanini -crushed tomato sauce and tomato juice. Manischewitz-red horseradish, horseradish extra strong red, horseradish sugar free and kosher salt. For adding to your soups, Gefen’s chicken soup mix and onion soup mix, Telma, chicken flavored cubes (Pareve). Prime Food Products- Garden Chef brand (Distributor – Blooms) - cream soup mixes, and soup consommé bases. Unger's (Quality Frozen Foods Distributor) - Potato Kugel Batter.

Fish and Meat - Benz’s Food Products - Benz’s, Sea Castle flat fillet anchovies in olive oil and Sea Castle flat fillet anchovies in olive oil shipper.

Matzo and Crackers - Haddar original cake slims, cinnamon cake slims, ritz style crackers (parve). Manischewitz -handmade shmura matzo - 3 pieces and handmade shmura matzo - 6 pieces.

Beverage - Kedem mini organic grape juice, apple juice 8oz, light apple juice 64oz and light apple juice 8oz, Chosen Bean, coffee cold brew org. f/t original 32oz Chosen Bean, and coffee cold brew org. f/t decaf 32oz, Gefen, almond milk sweetened and almond milk unsweetened, Heaven & Earth, 100% beetroot & carrot juice,100% queen pineapple, 100% carrot & pineapple juice and organic pomegranate juice. Tuscanini, regular sparkling water, orange sparkling water, lemon sparkling water, grapefruit sparkling water, regular sparkling water, orange sparkling water, 5lt, lemon sparkling water .5lt, and grapefruit sparkling water .5lt.

Novelty Items - Davida Aprons/Kosher Kurls introduces their Matzah paper napkins pack of 16, Matzah paper plates 7" & 9" pack of 8. They also have the paper seder plates 9" pack of 8, and a 10" Plastic reusable Seder plate sold individually. Rite Lite- "Passover Splash" Hostess Set! Passover Peeler (with personality!) Seder Night serving tray!