June 22, 2021

Kosher Food Prices Soar as Buzz of Chicken Shortages Intensifies

Brooklyn, NY…Elliot has heard from a reliable source, that there is a growing possibility for a shortage of kosher slaughtered chickens. Thus far, there is no evidence of the shortage in kosher stores, but food sources say that they have noticed a shortage of chicken in fast-food establishments which is partially due to demand, and to underperforming animals. There appears to be a major chicken shortage across the country. But retailers say that they expect suppliers like Empire, Birdsboro and Canadian based Marvid to continue to supply kosher chickens. Also of concern to kosher shoppers is the ever-rising prices for kosher food, which appear to be in tandem with global conditions. Global food prices extended their rally to the highest in almost a decade, heightening concerns over bulging grocery bills as economies struggle to exit the Covid-19 crisis. A United Nations gauge of world food costs climbed for a 12th straight month in May, its longest stretch in a decade. There are issues around the world. For example, a drought in key Brazilian growing regions is crippling crops from corn to coffee, and vegetable oil production growth has slowed in Southeast Asia. The higher prices are being fueled by sharply higher transportation costs as well as rising commodity prices.

According to Globes, the wave of price rises in Israel is now hitting products under government price supervision, with the announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture that egg prices will rise by 6.5%. The reason given is that inputs have risen including a 17% rise in the price of feed.

The Ministry of Agriculture price committee stressed that this is the first price rise in eggs for seven years. After the price hike a dozen extra-large eggs (over 73 grams) will cost $3.99, a dozen large eggs (between 63 and 73 grams) will cost $3.67, and a dozen medium-sized eggs (between 53 and 63 grams) will cost $3.39. By comparison, a dozen eggs in the US averaged at $1.59.