February 5, 2019

Kosher Catering Anywhere Grows

Gulfport, Miss - A group of kosher travelers in Kilarney, Ireland solved their need for kosher food by having Hermolis Kosher Caterers in London ship them meals to their 5-star hotel for almost a full week. The chef and the kitchen staff were fully briefed on how to store, heat, and serve the meals. They ate in the regular dining room but were served the special meals. But this scene is not only in places like Kilarney. It is also common all over the United States where many caterers and web sites like Kosher Anywhere ship meals to hotels all over the country. This is especially helpful to kosher travelers who are far from a kosher eatery or a Chabad center. For a Bar Mitzvah in the Bahamas, it was a New York kosher caterer who brought the fare to the island. And for a celebration marking the dedication of a second pharmaceutical plant in Gulfport Miss, it was none other than Lou G. Segal, owned by Joel Weiss and his son who catered every meal to some 120 participants. Many New Yorkers will recall the iconic mid-town Manhattan kosher restaurant (albeit for many years not glatt) that had served the garment district since 1917. In recent years, Lou G. Segal, now owned by the Weiss family, became an exclusive kosher caterer with a capacity to deliver upscale kosher catering just about anywhere. Recently it was at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi where a Brooklyn-based pharmaceutical company opened its second facility after taking over an abandoned over the counter antacid manufacturer, in the process rehiring several hundred employees who were already facing the ravages of the aftermath of Katrina. Governor Phil Bryant spoke warmly of his Brooklyn friends who came to develop Mississippi. The kosher food was enjoyed by the large contingent that came from Brooklyn and by the many Mississippians who were there with the full cooperation of one of the nicest hotel properties in the country.