March 2, 2009

Kosher Caterer Sets New Standards for Artistic Kosher Events

New York…Peter Callahan likes to believe that he has introduced a new dimension to kosher catering, a fact that is hard to argue when you see his artistry in presenting kosher food at events like Bar Mitzvahs and other major affairs. Under the supervision of the OK Kosher Certification, Callahan’s PCK Catering is expert in creating the ultimate in upscale catering through themes. He recently created an eye opening carnival at a Bar Mitzvah for 500 people. Although he has been perfecting his craft for 25 years, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that he opened a branch for kosher, largely because “my Jewish clients wanted the same type of extravagant catering in kosher.” His parties are recognized by the splendid fantasy trays he creates, whether the theme is the Wizard of Oz, a replica of the Kremlin or even the famed pagodas. Mr. Callahan says that most people who see his work “can’t believe it’s kosher.” He says that he finds it challenging to prove to many of his clients, including the rich and famous, that you can let your imagination run wild with themes and still strictly adhere to kashrus. You can tell that he is anxious to share his passion for fantasy foods and is proud of the fact that he is highly respected and trusted by his many clients. Callahan explains that his special brand of creativity involves intense labor, which explains why his affairs are so much pricier than other kosher caterers. He speaks of his events as “bringing joy” to his guests and is anxious to share that joy with more people who value kosher at its best.