December 20, 2016

KOKO Foods New Gochujang (Fermented Hot Red Pepper Paste)

KOKO Foods introduced Koko Gochujang, an all-natural GMO and gluten free savory, spicy, and delicious fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, rice syrup, fermented soybeans, and salt. It can be used to bring sweet heat on everything from chicken to vegetables to salads, stews, soups and marinated meat dishes. Gochujang contains a number of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C, and carotene, and studies link it to preventing obesity and diabetes and depression. Koko Gochujang is Certified Kosher under the OK Kosher supervision. Koko Gochujang is made from fermented soybeans(Meju) and is protein-rich.

Traditional Meju is fermented in a natural environment with a variety of microorganisms with different bacterial and fungal origins. Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis etc.) Start your new year with a bang with this delicious product! For more information visit: