May 14, 2012

Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream Introduces the Crash Caramel Nugget Bar

Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream recently released its new Crash Caramel Nugget Bar, which the company says is a creamy vanilla ice cream bar topped with chewy caramel nougat, fresh roasted peanuts and a rich and delicious chocolaty shell. Klein’s boasts a selection of luxurious ice creams, luscious sorbets, and a world famous vegan approved non dairy line, natural fruit bars, fun ices, and bulk items for caterers and the most exquisite miniature desserts. They are kosher certified under Rabbinical supervision of the Central Rabbinical Congress (C.R.C.) and Rabbi Eckstein, the Dayan of Machzikei Hadas Belz. For more information visit: