December 1, 2015

Israel Food Exports to North America Headed to $340 Million for 2015

Tel Aviv - Israel’s food exports to North America are headed to a record $340 million, if the numbers for the first half of 2015 hold up. According to the Israel Export Institute, Israel exported $135 million of processed food and beverages, a growth of 5% from first half in 2014. Exports of fresh fruits and vegetables reached $33million, a growth of 13.6% from first half in 2014. 30% of the total food and beverages exports were to North America.

Sources told Kosher Today that one reason for the extraordinary growth is that many kosher companies are now importing many items under private label. “Israel is producing innovative, different and even healthy products that are kosher and not available elsewhere,” said one importer. Despite this jump in sales, remarkably Israel’s leading trade partner is Europe.