August 6, 2019

Is South Florida the First Stop for New Concept Kosher Restaurants

Miami… Kosher restaurants are not a dime-a-dozen in the deep South however, the ever-present Jewish community in Miami is running the gamut of elevated, Kosher eats from special-occasion steakhouses, to one of the city's best Nikkei (Japanese/Peruvian fusion) spots, to an Italian joint that rivals its non-kosher comrades, according to Sarah Thaler, an Account Executive at Brustman Carrino PR. In Miami, Kosher cuisine is often done with a modern, totally hip approach—many of these culturally diverse restaurants vary in price and ambiance but all seek to encourage adventurous, Kosher eating. For many tourists, eating out at one of these trendy residents is a must do activity. Amongst some of the top restaurants are 26 Sushi & Tapas (Surfside, FL), the Baker, The Harbour Bistro, Fuego by Mana, and Fresko. Food mavens say that many of the South Florida restaurants are “far ahead” of their New York counterparts in offering new and trending dishes, albeit that these restaurants have to deal with a seasonal upturn and an off-season downturn.