January 5, 2021

From the Editor

It’s 2021 and time to review some of the events in kosher that made news during the dreadful year that just past…We take an early look on what is likely to be trending in 2021…The annual AKO conference went virtual this year and attracted record numbers…In the aftermath of the Belgian government’s decision to ban all schechita, shoppers search for alternatives. Read our exclusive story, contributed by Lubicom Staffer, Batsheva Berger…50,000 Israelis in Dubai and Israeli hotels are empty? Passover season is almost here, and we have some interesting previews…In My Sixth Sense, I wonder if the future of kosher shopping is already here…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new Salmon Fillet Ready to Eat Meals.

Menachem Lubinsky