May 18, 2009

Flavrz Beverage Corporation Announces Organic Liquid Drink Mix

Gloucester, Mass…A health conscious and eco-concerned market has received a boost with the launch of a beverage that can be mixed at home and that tastes terrific. Flavrz has introduced a concentrated liquid drink mix that you add water and flavor to taste. The drink can be made from a delicate fruity hint to a sweet kid-friendly beverage, all with no artificial ingredients and low glycemic index, thanks to agave. Flavrz main sweetener, agave nectar, is a healthy, all natural, low-glycemic sweetener derived from a cactus plant. Low-glycemic sweeteners do not spike blood sugar and are better for dieters, children, and everyone who is health conscious. Flavrz tastes fresher and juicier than other drink mixes because it contains real fruit juice, organic fruit extracts and flavorings made from real fruits. Available in both 16 ounce bottles and a one ounce pouch size, Flavrz is made from organic and natural fruit juice, fruit extracts, and natural flavorings sweetened, mainly with agave nectar/low in sugar. Flavrz is manufactured by Food For Thought, one of the country’s leading organic co-packers under the highest production standards. It is certified organic by OCIA and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. The three current flavors are: Lemon-lime, Cherry-Berry, and Tropical. For more information visit: or contact: Lisa Rosenstein at 917-407-4754,: [email protected]